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Building practical and authentic brands.


Brand Identity Essence

Do you know who you are? Are you more than your latest product or service? Have you effectively distilled and articulated the essence of your brand identity? Are you able to infuse everything you do with the essence of your brand identity?


Content Strategy Instance

Do you know who your audience is? Do you have a strategy to help you curate, cultivate, and create content that will initiate and sustain a conversation with them? Are you able to bring your brand identity to life in each instance of your content marketing?

Website Audit

A Website Audit will provide you with the information and insight you need to quickly improve your website, brand identity, or content strategy.

Request a Website Audit to see if  the essence of your Brand Identity is expressed in each instance of your Content Strategy.

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Clear, concise and consistent is infinitely more useful than simple, short and redundant.

Chester McLaughlin

Philosopher Poet Painter Programmer

Your ideal marketing partner.

A Philosopher is Conceptual

A shared vision is a powerful thing. I’ll enable you to stop micromanaging projects and start pursuing your big picture.

A Poet is Lingual

Pixels change color. Words change minds. I’ll help you craft your brand message and cultivate your brand voice.

A Painter is Visual

Aesthetic, composition, beauty and form have a language of their own that not only can attract, but convey meaning.

A Programmer is functional

Code is still required to create, connect, and customize. I’ll help you choose the right platforms and make them your own.

A Marketing Partner

I partner with brands who need more than another contractor. An Ideal Marketing Partner doesn’t have to be micromanaged—that’s why I’ll adopt your vision and earn your trust while producing exceptional results.

Request a free consultation to see if you can benefit from my conceptual, lingual, visual, and functional skills.

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True integration is more than mere connectedness, it is gestalt.

Chester McLaughlin

Clients & Partners

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Students International
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Alexandria Oesch - Portland Fine Art
Kaffee Meister - Quality Community Coffee
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