Keep Your Brand True
& Your Marketing New.

There is a fundamental tension between branding and marketing—between authenticity and novelty.

How do you keep your brand true to its origin and values while engaging in the constantly shifting currents of culture, economics, and technology?

The answer is Practical Authenticity.

Practical Authenticity

Authentic brands practically integrate
their pulse, fingerprint, and voice.

Brand holism acknowledges that the whole is greater than the sum of it parts. And while understanding each individual component is useful, the real challenge and value is shaping how the parts influence and relate to each other.


Your brand has a pulse. It is the result of your identity colliding with your vision. It permeates your organization and is expressed through everything you do and say. The more clearly you understand it, the more concisely you can articulate it, and the more consistently you will live it out.


Your brand has a fingerprint. It is the mark you leave on this world. Tangibly, it is proof of your actions. Intangibly, it is evidence of your vision. Over time your fingerprint reveals your pulse, because looking at what you do reveals how you do it which ultimately betrays why you do it.


Your brand has a voice. It what you claim to be and what you claim to do. It is the substance, tone, and medium that conveys your claims. It is the artful promise of the value you can and will create. It is the mechanism by which your brand seeks outs new customers and constituents.

Brand Narrative

The substance, tone, and method of a story speaks volumes about the teller.

To keep your brand narrative true and new you need to understand passion, culture, and technology.


There are two passions in the life of the professional. One is for the process, the other is for the outcome. Expressed as modern archetypes we see makers and owners. As usual, reality is more complex than this simple dichotomy. However, recognizing the primary passion of your employees, contractors, and volunteers enables you to more effectively delegate, instruct, and inspire.

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An audience shares an experience. A tribe shares an identity. Both develop their own culture. How well do you nurture the culture of your audience? Does your product or service create a shared experience? Does it articulate your vision and make your audience members aspire to join the tribe? Your success depends on your ability to lead your tribe and entertain your audience with integrity and authenticity.

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Technology is simply the practical application of tools and knowledge—and we presently have more of both than ever before. However, technology does not create success anymore than pencils create stories. Ubiquitous and cheap technology often distracts from the very human relationships that it purports to make more accessible. Does your technology support or detract from your daily efforts and your brand narrative?

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